Who's behind Liberty Tours

About us

Steven and Alex have travelled the world for years, sometimes separately, sometimes together. Steven loves adventure; Alex loves to relax. Steven can be seen on the savanna in Africa; Alex can be seen sipping coffee on the Champs Elysee or supping champagne in the Blue Lagoon.

They both love going to an opera house or seeing Elton John in a field. Sometimes they simply buy an air fare and make their way to a new destination and sometimes they book an organised tour. The one thing that they both refuse to accept is bad service.

"We know that everyone expects value for money"

Liberty Tours was born out of their realisation that there is a shortage of premium service travel agencies in the Australian market. Whether people are travelling on a tight budget or are in a position to pay a more for to have a little luxury in their life, we know that everyone expects value for money. Rather than accept the status quo, we have devised an operating model and product portfolio to address this need.