Understanding COVID-normal cruising: looking ahead to a safe 2021/22 season

Understanding COVID-normal cruising

Whilst it is true that the “new normal” for cruise guests will be somewhat different to what we have experienced in the past, it is clear that everything possible is being done to minimise the impact on passengers, at the same time as keeping everyone as safe as possible – passengers, crew and port communities.

When can we cruise overseas again?  

This is the most common cruise question the team at Liberty Tours is being asked. But it is not the easiest of questions to answer.

With so many of our clients being cruise aficionados, we are please to offer an update – and are delighted to advise that a number of cruise lines are now, tentatively, venturing back to sea.  They are giving us an idea of what Covid-normal cruising might look like in 2021/22.

We are keeping abreast of what is happening with regard international travel, and are pleased to see that in some parts of the world local borders are opening, tourism is booming, and some cruise lines are even sailing! At the same time, the Australian Government still has restrictions on international travel and current thinking is that borders will not open until the middle of next year. But for most of our clients, that does not seem to be a barrier as the timing is likely to coincide with the widespread availability of a vaccine.


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Keeping communities, crews and passengers safe

The CLIA (Cruise Line Industry Association) has been doing a great deal of work to ensure that its crews and passengers are safe, and as most major cruise lines are now members of CLIA, its reassuring to know that most travellers will be cruising with a uniform level of protection, regardless of which line you cruise with.

We already know that it is likely that you will need to provide evidence of a COVID test (with a negative result of course) that has been done a few days before you leave home. The details vary slightly depending on your home country and destination. 

On board you will see that the familiar buffet has gone, or at least been modified so that crew will handle the food and pass your order to you. There will be some level of social distancing required in public places and the number of people seated in theatres will be reduced. However, the shows will still be offered and the bars and restaurants will still be open.

This video from MSC gives some insight into what is being done onboard right now.

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What will Covid Normal Cruising look like?

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