Europe coach tours 2020

Option 1: 18 Day Enchanting Europe Explorer

$3980pp (flights and tour included)

This package is the perfect introduction to the diversity of the cultures, sights, architecture and cuisines that are available across Europe. Visit cities that see themselves as the heart of European culture: Paris, Vienna and Satzburg (birthplace of Mozart). Wander around the old towns of cities that were once behind the Iron Curtain: Bratislava, Budapest and Prague. Listen to local music and taste regional delicacies. If this is your first time in Europe or you want to pack a lot into a short time, this is the one for you.

Option 2: 25 Day Europe Discovery In Depth

$4880pp (flights and tour included)

If 18 days is not enough for you, then why not add on a week of Latin influence? Rome, the Eternal City, has a lifetime of history within the city limits. Climb the Colosseum where men fought with wild beasts or simply throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain like so many before you. The Vatican is much more than the masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel. You will also get a peek into the museums that will have you planning your next visit, even before you leave. Then the millionaires’ playgrounds of Nice and Monte Carlo beckon. So many things clamour for your attention.

Could be the tour for you?

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