Planning an interstate holiday? You need this 12 page “Australia Re-opens” essential travel guide!

Booking an interstate holiday? 

Before you jump on a plane, buy a bus ticket or hop in the car, it is best to double check what paperwork is involved.  Just how much paperwork? Depends on where you live.

As many borders re-open, and new hot spots are declared, there are still many questions travellers are seeking answers to.  

So if you keen to plan that well deserved interstate holiday, our must read essential guide – “Australia re-opens” – is here to help! 

  • Can I visit my family for Christmas?
  • What paperwork do I need to fill out?
  • We have family members coming from different states?
  • Will we need to quarantine when we return home?
  • Where do I apply for a border pass?
  • What is the latest on the  border between SA and Victoria? Can I travel to WA from the ACT?  What about travelling between Qld and Tasmania?

Luckily, the team at Liberty Tours has done all the difficult research for you and we are keeping on top of the advice as things change.  

This essential guide lists current and upcoming border restrictions for each State and Territory and sets out what paperwork is needed before you head off on that Interstate Holiday. We even provide the links to the online forms so you can keep current.  

How easy is that !

We’ve even included an update for New Zealand and Norfolk Island.

All travellers must be aware of each State and Territory entry requirements and observe local travel restrictions established for entering or leaving specific States and Territories, and be aware that regulations can change at short notice. 

Australia Reopens Essential Border Guide
Let’s discover just how GREAT our Great Southern Land really is – from East to West, North to South and EVERYWHERE in-between! 

Australia has more than 36,000 kilometres of coastline. And while this may be closed to international travellers – it offers incredible opportunities for locals to discover and enjoy new holiday haunts or reconnect with friends at familiar destinations!

While Western Australia is introducing a controlled border, most of the other Australian States and Territories are allowing interstate holidays to resume in the coming weeks.  We have hand picked some great deals – from short self drive options through to “overseas” adventures – well, Norfolk Island is technically overseas – you can buy Duty Free! 

Ready to explore?  Let’s go!

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