Love Locks – Memories Forever

All around the world, bridges, trees, chains and statues are being sought out by travellers to add Love Locks.

Many consider Serbia’s Most Ljubavi  – “Bridge of Love” –  the most famous of the 15 bridges in the small town of Vrnjačka Banja – as the “original” love Lock Bridge.   However, it is also thought that the locking of a padlock around a never ending chain and throwing away the key is an ancient Chinese custom – with the Great Wall another Love Lock destination.  

When Federico Moccia featured Rome’s Ponte Milvio Bridge in his young adult novel  I Want You, in which his teenage characters attach a love lock and throw away the key, a new generation was introduced to the Love Lock tradition.  

It is a custom that has the same sentiment at its heart –  that lovers will symbolically lock their love and fidelity forever – and throw away the key!

On our travels, we are noticing that “no love locks” icons are beginning to appear as the weight of the locks threatens bridges with collapse, and waterways are filled with discarded metal keys.  

The Pont de Arts Bridge in Paris – for years  a must-do “lovescape” destination – removed the locks in June 2015 after part of a rail collapse from the weight of the metal locks the year earlier. 

And closer to home, the Southgate Footbridge in Melbourne become, for a short time, a sought after Love Lock destination until this too was stopped by officials.  In fact – my own love lock was likely one that was removed!  

A few year ago my husband and I were were walking across the Yarra with my son when we noticed all the love locks that were collecting on the wire rails of the bridge.  The local bar was selling padlocks and had a handy sharpie pen, and as it was our anniversary, the three of us wrote our initials on the padlock, locked it on the railing and threw the key into the water below. 

But other “landmarks” have stepped in to become alternative love lock destinations – the rails up to Mount Huangshan Lotus Peak in China’s Anhui Province with keys thrown into the abyss below, and in Moscow, specially created metal trees have been placed on the picturesque Luzhkov Bridge to offer more stable “Love Lock” structures – a solution that has been copied all around the world (even at the Mt Keira Summit Park in Wollongong!) 

It got us thinking at Liberty Tours about a better way to Love lock!  In the current age of  smart-phones and the popularity of Facebook groups, we decided to create a better way to Love Lock! 

In this age of smart phones, we think it may be better to create a photo opportunity, keep the lock, post the key to us and share the images – a modern approach to the Love Lock problem. 

So – send us your keys!  You can trust us to keep them – and your love – safe!

Happy Travels! 


1.     Select a lock that reflects your style  – a simple, traditional lock or a fancy antique number.

2.     Choose your “lovescape” – a picturesque bridge,  an ancient tree, a chain around a monument – or any other suitable lockable location!

3.     Together, attach your love lock and take a selfie!

4.    This is the important bit – unlock, remove the key and take your love lock home.

5.     Post the key to us at: Liberty Tours at 354 Illawarra Road, Marrickvile NSW 2204.  We’ll keep the key to your love safe (a much better option than throwing into a beautiful waterway).

6.     Upload your favourite photos on @TravelTodayMemoriesForever –  is a great way to publicly show your love.  Use #LibertyToursLoveLocks so fellow modern day Love Lockers can find you!

7.     Share your love lock images – keep them forever in their “virtual” love lock location!

8.     Display your actual “love lock” in your home.  Our favourite option is to pop it as a miniature sculpture beside the photo of your love lock.





Want some suggestions of where in the world to take a Love Lock Selfie? 

Give us call on (02) 9947 1284 to discover where you could go.