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Time on your hands…dreaming of travel destinations?

Take a Virtual Vacation!


Our travel experts have carefully created some wonderful 14-day adventures – perfect to escape your daily routine.  Every border is open and we can travel freely and safely. We will take you up, up and away on a magical, imaginative adventure.

Each morning, receive a journey update with the day’s itinerary highlights – it’s up to you how you then interact with your chosen virtual vacation.

For those working from home, will might just take a detour each day, perhaps over your morning coffee or during your lunch break, to visit some far-a-way lands “online” before settling back into your routine feeling refreshed.

Or will you immerse yourself totally in the experience?  Perhaps transform your lounge room into an airport lounge?  Learn some key phrases in a local language?  Order-in or cook tantalising tasty food and wine that will transport your taste buds to the other side of the world?  Will you dress up and dance the night away on your veranda, or spend some quality time discovering cultural secrets via museums offering three-dimensional video experiences.

However you choose to escape the everyday, we are pleased we will be your guide for the next fortnight!


Where to first?

Our team of travel experts had so many brilliant travel experiences to choose from.

  • Steve suggested a classic introduction to Europe – taking in the must-see sights of Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and Italy.
  • Agustina was keen on a colourful journey across Spain and Portugal – a feast for all the senses and an art lovers dream.
  • Susan loves lands of legend – so an exploration of the very best of Great Britain was her pick – castle, cathedrals and follies.
  • Louis thought we should visit St Louis  – and meander  down the Mississippi filled with magical music.
  • Tom, known for his love of luxury – voted for a crowd favourite –  a once in a lifetime bucket list train journey across the Canadian Rockies!  Gold Class all the way!

But the luminous light, breathtaking beauty and remarkable remoteness of the North was calling – its pull was way too strong – so for our first Virtual Vacation, Alex has planned a  spectacular tour of the Nordic lands:

Scandinavia and Russia!

You don’t need to do much to prepare for this online journey of discovery – just jump online and bring your imagination.

Register today, select your preferred departure city and we will send you your virtual boarding pass! 

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