Time on your hands?

Tempted by Travel?

Take a Virtual Vacation!

Liberty Tours has curated a wonderful 14 day adventure .  Allow us to gently uproot you from your daily routine and take you up and away on a magical, imaginative adventure..

Each day, we will send you an email with your itinerary highlights – its up to you have “deep” you dive into your virtual vacation.

Will you just take a break each morning, escape for a moment, perhaps over your morning coffee, where you will go on your viral day, perhaps visit some tearaways lands “online” during your lunch break and then settle back into your routine with a fresh approach to the remains of the day ahead?

Or will you immerse yourself in the experience.  Will you create an airport lingo in your lounger’s room?  Wil you learn some key phrases?  Will you order in food and wine from delivery only restaurants – transporting you to the  places you are off to visit virtually?  Will you share the images and memories you make online with your fellow virtual travels on @my_holidays_abroad.

Or First Virtual Vacation will take you to the Nodeic lands: Scandinavia and Russia in the Spring!

Stay tuned for other 

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