Visas and Health

Check what visas are required for your trip and the associated health advice. Your primary source of information should always be the official guidance from the Australian Government, which can be found here:

In addition, our easy checker, below is exactly the same system as the airlines use, so it is highly accurate.

Cruise vaccine requirements & policies

We strongly recommend you check that you’ve met all cruise vaccine requirements well before your next voyage. With much discussion about cruises and vaccines, it can quite become quite confusing to determine your specific cruise vaccination requirements. Not to worry, we provide a complete breakdown of your chosen cruise line’s cruise vaccination policy below.

It’s understandable why many voyagers can get muddled on what they need to do in relation to COVID-19 vaccination requirements for their next cruise. As with any rapidly changing scenario like this one, laws and regulations change at a rapid pace, and this often affects your cruise vaccination requirements. In turn, each operator has prepared their own cruise vaccination policy that is designed to work across all destinations they service. If you want to ensure you have a worry-free voyage, we strongly suggest reading these cruise health policies carefully. Not sure where to go? Have no fear, we provide all the relevant links and information you need for all of the major cruise lines below.

Are vaccines mandatory for cruises?

There is no simple answer to this as each country or jurisdiction has its own policies, and cruise lines tend to overlay these with their own set or rules. To avoid the chance of you missing your next cruise, whether domestic or international, we suggest being fully vaccinated. This ensures you can sail stress-free knowing you won’t have your voyage cut short due to any cruise vaccination policy when entering another state or territory.

Breakdown of requirements by cruise line