Waterfalls of Wonder #1: Igaussu Falls. Where Argentina meets Brazil in a powerful natural display

The incredible Iguazu Falls in South America is a waterfall that the whole team at Liberty Tours has fallen in love with!

And its no wonder!

Iguassu Falls - the Waterfall that connects Brazil and Argentina
Iguassu Falls – the Waterfall that connects Brazil and Argentina

With close to 300 tumbling cascades spread in an impressive horseshoe shape over nearly two miles of the Iguazu River, this beyond beautiful area is a border feature of Argentina and Brazil – and just downstream of the falls, these two countries also meet Paraguay. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iguazu Falls is taller than Niagara Falls – and was the amazing waterfall that starred in the movie The Mission. It truly is one of the most incredible natural attractions on the planet!

This is a tropical climate – so temperature and rainfall matter to tourists! The best time to visit is between April – May or September to October. Less crowded – and less hot! However – less hot also means less rain – and rain does make for a more spectacular waterfall!

The second half of October, November and December offer a higher chance of rainfall – so more fabulous waterfalls! Bring a raincoat and get ready for an adventure!

Spend one full day viewing from the Argentina side – where there are three circuits – upper, lower and Gargantua del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) – each offering unique and unforgettable perspectives of the waterfalls from different angles.

The next day, cross the border to experience the waterfalls rom the Brazil side. Travel through the vast national park, right up to the raised walkways which wind through subtropical Brazilian forest – leading right to the Devil’s Gorge.

Liberty Tours Tip: Agustina tells us the light for photographs around the waterfalls is best in the mornings – but recommends you keep your camera handy and your eyes alert as there is always something to capture!

There are many opportunities to sight amazing wildlife – South American Coatis (a member of the racoon family),  black capuchin monkeys, red-eyed tree frog, red brocket deer, brightly coloured hummingbirds and the equally as colourful yet rather exotic Toco toucan or the equally amazing (but slightly smaller billed) Chestnut-eared aracari .

And then there is the flora – over 2000 species of plant. Close your eyes an imagine you are deep in the rainforest – ferns, orchids, angel-wing begonia lichens and moss and towering palms. Did we mention the butterflies? All we can say is WOW!  

Wish you could witness the grander first hand, feel the mist on your face or hear the roar of the water?

Liberty Tours has designed an amazing 33-day itinerary to discover the wonders of South America – including two full days at this beautiful waterfall.

Spend a relaxing three nights at the Falls lguazu Hotel & Spa – described as a warm oasis within a jungle. Just 3km from the main town of Puerto Iguazu, with helpful, kind, English speaking staff, guests are guaranteed a comfortable and enjoyable stay with large air conditioned rooms, fabulous food – including Brazillian-styled BBQs – and relaxing spa treatments on offer – perfect after a day or two of walking. Or perhaps try a little wildlife spotting in the early evening – grab a torch from reception and connect with your wild side!

Liberty Tours Tip: pack an Argentinian power adapter, take one of the hotel bikes to explore the resort and try the delicious gelatos from Carmellatte!

One night is the recommended minimum. We offer three! You might even be lucky enough to have a room with a  jacuzzi bath or one with a balcony overlooking the forest.

Check our itinerary here or call the travel experts at Liberty Tours

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