Who's behind Liberty Tours

About Us

Liberty Tours was born out of a realisation that there is a shortage of premium service travel agencies who truly care about their clients. Whether you are a first-time traveller or someone who spends a great deal of time travelling, we know that everyone expects value for money. Rather than accept the status quo, we focus on service and products with this in mind. 

For the past seven years, Liberty Tours has been building a portfolio and quietly selling its products both directly to the public and through other travel agencies.

Have fun browsing our website, which contains a fraction of our portfolio of holiday suggestions. When you are ready, or if you have any question at all, call our Australia-based expert travel consultants on 1300 221 550 or ask your local travel agent.

The Management Team

"We know that everyone expects value for money"

Our dedicated travel professionals have travelled the world for years, sometimes separately, sometimes together. The one thing that our team refuses to accept is bad service. Welcome to the world of Liberty Tours!

The Support Team

Marketing, Sales and Administration

We have a team of professionals who are the driving force behind our success, from our talented marketing specialists who craft compelling campaigns to our dedicated sales and administration teams who excel in meeting our customers’ needs. Each member plays a crucial role in delivering excellence, and together, they embody our commitment to providing exceptional products and services.